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The Other Marriage Reality
The Other Marriage Reality
Posted 2 weeks ago

One day Adam and Eve were "naked and unashamed", enjoying each other as no other couple has ever since. They were completely happy and walked with God every single day.…

The Other Marriage Reality
Honey, We Need to Text
Honey, We Need to Text
Posted 3 weeks ago

Her - what you said last night really hurt my feelings

Him - ORLY

Her - RLY

Him - SRY

Her - THX

Him - UOK


Him - GR8, ZUP4DNR


Him -…

Honey, We Need to Text
The Real World
The Real Battle
Posted 1 month ago

The world is not what it seems. In the U.S., we wake each morning to find the same ole' battles underway. Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs. conservative, country vs. country,…

The Real Battle
Like I Expect Them To
Like I Expect Them To
Posted 2 months ago

Don't you just love it when something works the way it is supposed to, or the way you expect it to ? Boy, I sure do.

Every time I empty our…

Like I Expect Them To
The Trail
The Trail
Posted 3 months ago


My wife and I love to take walks together. Most of the time we walk along well-defined or even asphalt walking paths in many of our great parks, but occasionally…

The Trail

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